How to Navigate the Worst Season of your Life – An Introduction

John Ettore   -  

My wife is gone. She was only 52 and had just landed her dream job as an epidemiologist. We still have four children living at home; two who are in college, one about to get married, one disabled, and one a senior in high school. Our oldest son lives on his own here in San Diego.

This was neither Hope’s time to go, and certainly not her way to go. She was the finest Christian a person could know. And certainly the best Christ-follower our kids knew. And yet she died a tragically slow and awful death battling metastatic breast cancer that spread to her bones, brain, and lungs.

So what gives? Why would God allow this to happen? How did the enemy get his way with my wife, and the mother of our children? How could this happen in a Spirit-filled church where other people in our community are seeing their prayers get answered? And how do I go on with God? And how does one cope with such a tragic loss? You may be asking these kinds of questions about your situation, too.

In the next few posts I will attempt to answer some of these questions. But at the get-go I want to say that I will not attempt to answer questions I don’t have the answers for. I will not insult you, or do anyone, including myself, my wife, or God, the disservice of pontificating on what I don’t know. There are some questions nobody has the answers to. However, I will confidently give answers on things I believe I do know, things the Bible is very clear about. But my main goal in writing these posts, and giving this message from pulpit seven days after Hope passed, is to encourage those of you who are going through, or will go through, or have gone through, your own trials. I trust God’s grace will help me do so, and will help you navigate the worst season of your life.

I am structuring these posts in a question-and-answer format because I think that will help us cover the topics most effectively. I will answer the questions I think you may be thinking. But if you have questions I do not address in these posts, please ask them in the comment section.

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