How to Navigate the Worst Season of Your Life – Pt 2

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In my last post I answered the first of our four questions – Why didn’t Hope get healed? Today I will answer the second question:

  1. How can I expect to get a miracle if you didn’t get one? 

    I don’t mean to sound arrogant, like I am the most faith-filled person on earth. My point in raising this question is because I think it myself when I am believing God for something and someone I perceive as having more faith than me, or has experienced more miracles than me, doesn’t get what they prayed for. It is such an easy place to go to in your mind and heart to say, “Well if they couldn’t get their prayer answered, who am I to think I can?”I had someone thank me for including this in the message I preached after Hope went to heaven because they were thinking this exact thing. They saw how much I prayed, how I have gotten miracles in the past, and how I mustered hundreds of people from around the world to pray, and Hope still died. They felt deflated and didn’t think they had a chance of getting their prayers answered.

    And the thing is, I feel the same way sometimes. Like when I was battling for Hope and I heard that Bill Johnson’s wife, Beni, died of Cancer, my first thought was, “ If Bill, a guy known around the world for innumerable miraculous healings, couldn’t get his wife healed of Cancer, what are my chances of getting my wife healed of Cancer?” But what I also knew was that I don’t know what Bill and Beni’s situation was. I don’t know them personally. I don’t know what box they are in (see my first post to know what I mean by “box”). Or when I would think of others in our church like Marcia, or Kahanah, or Dennis, and how we swung for the fences for them and they still went to heaven, my faith would sink. So what did I do? I chose to meditate on testimonies, current and Biblical, of those who DID get healed. That is where your faith will come from. It will come from the Word of God and testimonies. This is the way you feed your faith and starve your doubts!

    And just like I don’t know what Bill and Beni’s situation was, you don’t know what mine and Hope’s situation was. I still don’t know, so I know you don’t know. Don’t let Satan talk you out of your faith just because we lost a battle. There are many more battles ahead that you will WIN if you do not lose heart.

    “One day Jesus told his disciples a story to show that they should always pray and never give up.” Luke 18:1 NLT

    Keep praying!