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God our Healer!
God our Healer!

In September, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  As they began doing extensive tests for the cancer they also found a growth on my thyroid and a spot on the liver. Additional testing showed that the growth on the thyroid  was not cancer and no further action was needed. The initial test on the liver did not show any problem but they are going to do another MRI to make sure there is no issue. After numerous procedures in preparation they completed the surgery for breast cancer on 12/7/23. The cancer tumor and the primary lymph node were both removed. The follow up tests showed that all cancer had been removed with clear margins. In early January the Drs. will advise if any additional treatment will be needed. I thank the Lord for his faithfulness in helping me as I continue through this trial. Jehovah-Rapha is our Healer!

– Kathy Mancini

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