At The Gathering Place Church Worship Plays A Major Role In Who We Are
At The Gathering Place Church Worship Plays A Major Role In Who We Are

Worship is a central part of our life with God, and it is far more than singing praise songs on a Sunday morning.

Created to Worship

We believe God has created us as worshipping beings. Beyond enjoying music, our spirits are designed to connect to our Creator. We are literally wired at our very core to worship and connect with God. Worship is one of the strongest weapons of spiritual warfare that God has given to his people, and it strengthens us unlike anything else can. Praise and worship has a supernatural way of realigning our hearts, and focus on God. The Bible teaches that when we worship God, it brings His presence and causes the enemy to retreat.

The Worshipping Church

In a world where so many things demand our attention, affection, and allegiance, it becomes difficult to see what matters most. However, when we come to God in a posture of worship, we begin to realize what does matters most – a deep and intimate connection with our heavenly Father. Our church is committed to seeking more of God through worship experiences that transform our lives, shatter doubts, calm fears and bring us face to face with the God who loves us.

Simplicity, Sincerity, Sacrifice

The Gathering Place Worship family is comprised of prophetic musicians and psalmists that release the sound of heaven on the earth. Our assignment is to lead God’s people into a greater experience of his presence. We are committed to three values: simplicity, sincerity and sacrifice.

· Simplicity means we aren’t there to entertain and to bring glory to ourselves. We play for and minister to an audience of One.

· Sincerity is using our gifts out of passion and devotion to Jesus. Its authentic praise and worship as an expression of our lives being devoted to the Lord.

· Sacrifice is having an attitude of love and submission towards each other. Creating a meaningful worship experience for the congregation means honing our giftedness with time and practice.